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I have done numerous machine learning and software development projects over the years inside the University of Illinois, inside a private company, and as an independent contractor. I am always open to new projects.

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DesignByRobots focuses on Automated Design, which is roughly a combination of Domain Specific Languages and Optimization technology to create new designs and strategies that perform well against simulations or historical data. The first product is focused on developing stock trading strategies in response to changing market data.

About Me

I have 10 years of hands-on software development experience including 5 years with Java. I am also proficient in Ocaml, a functional language, and use Ruby and Python for lightweight scripting. I started my career with the data mining group of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. First, working at the application layer to provide specific analytical results to corporate clients, and later building data processing infrastructure. I also spent two years in technical sales at a startup and now work as an independent contractor.

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