Peter Groves Headshot 2019 I’m a Machine Learning Engineer who first began applying machine learning techniques to real-world data as a graduate student in 1999.

In my early career, I focused on data science projects in the private sector. Following that, I transitioned to roles where I designed, implemented, and operated machine learning components as part of production software systems.

During my time at Groupon, I worked on a team that delivered product recommendations through an API to both web and mobile applications. That service required continuously updated machine learning models, served thousands of requests per minute, and had over 99% uptime.

Now that I have returned to academia with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), I work on production machine learning tools that can handle real-world data. Most of my projects have involved the analysis and visualization of medical data for researchers. Recently, I have focused on structuring and storing complex data sets so downstream machine learning tasks can be carried out without algorithm-specific pre-processing.

I currently lead the development of the VI-Bio team’s OmiX platform and DeepPhoton, a project to analyze multiphotonic images of biopsies.

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